Professional photographer,
freelance, artist, author.

Freelance since 2002.
Based in Montpellier, France.

Commercial works,
galleries and festivals exhibitions,
teaching and image education.

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2, rue copa camba
34730 Saint Vincent de Barbeyrargues

(+33)9 51 16 82 98 - (+33)6 62 46 03 12


Professional and artistic photographer since 2002, born in France in 1976, I grew up in Provence and Tahiti. After graduating in Orleans Institute of Visual Arts, I chose to settle in the south of France.

My early works, selected by Circulation(s), Boutographies, Bourse du talent festivals, are compositions with multiple entries, dominated by matter and landscape.

Today, the intuition and the strenght of the instant leads my work, the physical and emotional experience gives its meaning to the images, and becomes an inner search. My recent works immerses ourselves in the urban world, a poetic Orient from Istanbul to Benares, where human life subtly emerges in the grace of light. Often standing on the frontier between two worlds, reality and imagination, sacred ans everysday's life, my work explores the ambiguity of the invisible, to reveal the Soul of the World.

Parallel to my personal projects, I'm part of Plainpicture photographic agency for international press publications, I'm also making commercial photography works for institutional, corporate and private clients, and teaching photographic practices and image education for cultural structures, schools and universities.



Professional freelance photographer, artist, author.
Freelance from 2002, based in Montpellier, France.
Commercial photography works for institutional,
corporate and private clients.
Gallery and festival exhibitions (Boutographies, Circulations, PHPA,
Itinéraire des photographes voyageurs, Nuits de Pierrevert...).
Teaching photographic practices and image education,
for cultural structures, schools and universities.

Press representation
PLAINPICTURE - photographic agency.

2001-2017 - Freelance photographer / Graphic designer - Montpellier
1996-2001 - MASTER/DNSEP & DNAP - Institut d’Arts Visuels - Orléans



04-2017 - Maffre-Baugé Middle school - Paulhan
11-2016 - Maison cœur d’Herault - Clermont l’Herault
04-2016 - Maffre-Baugé Middle school - Paulhan
01-2015 - Pic Saint Loup middle school - Saint Clément de rivière
11-2014 - Shoot photo festival - Chamonix Mont-Blanc
10-2014 - Carnon multimedia library - Carnon
01-2014 - Pic Saint Loup middle school - Saint Clément de rivière
09-2012 - Montpellier 2 cultural university pole - Montpellier
07-2012 - Nuits Photographiques de Pierrevert festival - Pierrevert
02-2012 - Montpellier 2 cultural university pole - Montpellier
11-2011 - Montpellier 2 cultural university pole - Montpellier
07-2011 - Nuits Photographiques de Pierrevert festival - Pierrevert
04-2011 - Boutographies festival - Montpellier
03-2009 - Mauguio multimedia library - Mauguio
04-2007 - ECM Kawenga - Montpellier
08-2006 - ECM Kawenga - Montpellier