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Professional photographer,
freelance, artist, author.

Freelance since 2002.
Based in Montpellier, France.

Commercial works,
galleries and festivals exhibitions,
teaching and image education.

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Kashi Station – Ongoing project

Ongoing project

Varanasi, in the north of India, in the past named Kashi “the unlighted”, a multimillenium city mostly known under the name of Bénarès.

Down there on a bank of the Ganges in Manikarnika Ghat, burns a sacred fire for more than 3000 years, carrying with its smoke the bodies of the deceased. It is said that here one finds the Moksha, the final deliverance of the rebirths cycle. It is also said that life is a stage, the world is an illusion, and our body is an ephemeral envelope that does not belong to us.

But if life is a dream, death is nevertheless present, without giving way to desolation. Night and day, lifeless bodies are transported by families across the city, among children playing and market stalls.

On the other side of the river, in a silence contrasting with the tingling of the city and the tangle of its dilapidated palaces, stands a vast and deserted beach, where one imagines sometimes as in a mirror, the invisible double of our reality, populated with ghosts and stories of their past lives.

To photography the unreal is to consider not to provide answers but to receive the testimonies of an ambiguity. It is to accept to lose oneself far from rationality and to leave the certainties. It is to build a singular work, away from the marked paths, affirming a positioning and a look at the world that leaves room for poetry, intuition and subjectivity.

Kashi station is the title of the serie, as the name of a railway station, in a world that would be only a transition, since deliverance would be in the beyond. A simple stop therefore, but in a place populated by surprising visions, waiting for the door opens, that separates the reality from the imaginary.