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“Kashi” exerts a form of bewitchment. The photography is of the order of meditation and calls for contemplation, serene or feverish. The images, dense, as much in the depth of the tones as in the almost palpable thickness of the air or of the emotions they arouse, seem to bring back original myths.

It doesn’t matter that Tilby Vattard’s photographs are faithful to a reality. The photographer, who has spent several years developing this project, seems to have imbibed the spiritual dimension of the places. They resemble his perception, his deep breath that inhabits the images, what he captures of the immemorial. One loses oneself there as in a dream, populated with furtive silhouettes, disturbing vapors, children victims of some spell, suspended gestures, animals that transform themselves into mythological creatures. It is about myths and legends, about sacrifices, about the initiatory journey and about communion.

Caroline Bénichou